Hi all..

I suppose it’s somewhat vain to write about oneself, but honestly – this is just a test post.. and Zee is the one subject I know ALL about..

Ok, so firstly, thank you for making way to this site.. I really appreciate you thinking I might have something interesting, or smart to say.. and I promise..I WILL!

Quick bio about me.. I am a simple loverrr.. I love love,loving and being loved.. I love beautiful things,places and people.. I adore all things luxe and appreciate elegance,sophistication,class and glamour.. I’m a bit of corporate somebody..but my aspirations go far beyond making someone else’s dream come true.. I have a vision mapped out for my life.. CEO.. Wife and doting mother..one day.. I speak all things politics, economics, sex and Louis Vuitton.. you’ll see.. Looking forward to exchanging ideas.. meeting folk.. teaching, sharing and most importantly..LEARNING!

All love



Me all dollface..:)

I’m as sweet as I look…Truuuussss..