Hi guys.. So I’m still new to this blogging thing.. I don’t know what I’m meant to write about, but apparently – whatever’s cool! So I’m gonna write about one of my favorite thing s in the whole wide world..WINE! Hahaha.. everybody knows how I enjoy my Vino..

I remember when I started drinking it, how I just did it cause I thought it was cool.. I’d ravish a bottle of sweet rose in an evening no problems! But the happiest day of my wine chronicles, was when sweet wine was just to “immature for my pallet”.. that’s the day, I became a whine whore.. yes.

I relish my wine.. I feel sexier, more seductive and so…well we all know what a Dry Red does to the hormones!

LOL! I’m so excited.. I received my first wine portfolio yesterday, and I’m about to make my biggest purchase yet.. Researching winemakers and blends.. Golly! So much fun.. I think I’ll really get into the wine stuff once that’s done..

I’d love to know what YOU drink, and why?

Lets all have a safe, blessed and fun weekend.. filled with legendary toasts and laughter! Cheers!



Wine Moments

I have wine most days.. it’s a necessary indulgence..Yes it is..