Good morning guys..

Hope everyone is well,warm and inspired.. I’m Ok..Id much rather be in bed, but alas… I’d like to share something with you, please indulge me..mwaaa!

Nothing irritates me, such as the statement..”You are so pretty, and you dress so well”.. because I know behind that statement there’s a “For a big girl” silent comment. I remember in High School, someone asked me how I’m so “confident”, for a big girl.. I had no idea my size rendered me to a shy minuscule existence..   Why is plus size still such an issue from a looks perspective in South Africa? Really, why do people who come from a continent where big bums, big breasts, thick thighs, were celebrated, ridicule and torment those that have been blessed with just a bit more? Or a lot more..whatever!

I’d understand if people were worried about me from a health perspective, and if you follow my food posts on instagram and twitter – you’d know I have a very healthy diet.. sans the occasional visit to the local fish and chips..*burn me*.. I go to the Dr for my checkups, and I don’t have Diabetes, Cholesterol or High blood what what.. Admittedly – I should exercise more, and control my restraint over a perfectly spiced,warm,crispy,golden brown batch of chips..eish..

I’m a moderately confident young woman *LOL*, I like looking good, and appreciate when a man finds me attractive.. and trust me, men like a little cushion for tha pushing sometimes! LOL!! I haven’t had a problem in that department! 😉

My baby like allll’a this!!

My biggest problem is my thin sisters talking bout how fat they are..Bitch please. Size 24 is a problem!! Your skinny ass needs a chicken bone thrown at it! Stop making us feel for how we look by making sure everyone knows how ugly it makes YOU feel! If you’re petite and HEALTHY – Good for you..  If you’re bigger and healthy – more power to you!

I’m a sexy ball *Choice of words sucks*, but I’m a sexy BALL of love, inspiration and  celebration..  I give so much love,to those who want it.. I LOVE BEING A LOVER.. Gosh I especially love making love! I swear I do.. I love inspiring those that are not necessarily confident enough to unleash their inner FIERCE! I love that I inspire happiness, self assurance, laughter in people.. And I’m a celebration of femininity..of one of woman’s form and shape.. and I love it..

Cheers to that..