Hello guys..

Hope everybody is doing good, doing great things.. loving great lovers..

I just got some stuff I been thinking about it.. and I’d like to let it out..

Firstly.. there’s something that really grinds my tits to the ends of hell.. It makes me so angry and really irritates the formula out my perm.. I really find it sad how females are ALWAYS ready to tell you how your man is a dog.. You know how there’s that one friend who’s ALWAYS on some ‘dump him girl, you can do better’.. Why? Why are girls always ready to tell you how bad man is for you, but never wanna celebrate when he makes you happy? I’ve learnt that what I update on Facebook and Tweet on Twitter is too much o f a firecracker,that has people that DON’T need to know what’s going, brave enough to ask.. Don’t do that.. If I don’t tell you, I probably don’t want you to know… And NO.. when I update it on MY page – it don’t become YOUR business, if this is too much for you.. remove, block, UNFOLLOW boo! 😉

Next thing that’s got me frizzed up.. hmmm.. Side Chicks..  these “women” are the bane of my existence.. what irks me beyond are the ones that go after a man knowing fully well that he’s got somebody, then smile in your face – talking bout ” girl you got such a good man”.. hehehe.. I’m gonna address this now..

Ladies, if you’re with a man you know has a woman – you’re no more than a Sideline Ho.. that’s why he aint with you..cause although he can get any other ho’, but you don’t make him pay.. Your thighs are a home for his frustration, but he is not f****** you for your mind, personality or talent.. and get real with yourself, you’ve fallen for a man who isn’t available – but keep hoping he’ll leave his girl for you..well girl if that ever happens – just remember – the sidechick position is open again… Ladies – and I use this term loosely, get your shit together.. 2nd place never won a prize..

The last thing that’s got me messed is, this attitude that Women like me *Slightly crazy*, are insane to be jealous of their partners female friendships.. hahahaaaaa.. I just wanna put it out there.. I don’t play that! I do not believe there are things such as platonic friendships between 2 attractive adults.. if I found the woman there, I have no choice but to be cool with it…*But I’ll be watching*.. What I can’t stand are these little wannabe’s that come crawling out various dumps, to cause a situation in your relationship.. you guys don’t know how desperate some females are for what you have.. I know my babe finds it irritating that I’m as jealous as I am, but please, how is it men are totally are totally blind to the calls they suddenly get, the advice they’re suddenly asked for, the trips that are suddenly planned..hehehe.. I been through some stuff people, nobody can hold me being paranoid against me.. I’m not the type of girl that turns a blind eye to stuff that bothers me anymore.. I don’t wanna wake up one day and find that that girl – that I thought was my girl – now has my man..

I have a ghetto approach to things now, and I’m with a relatively laid back typa dude..so he lets me be.. I’ve never confronted a woman about tryna make moves on him, but I’m well aware of “friends”, that suddenly find him a whole lot more interesting than before.. I don’t need ANY woman to tell me something I don’t know bout him..You can’t tell me anything new bout my man.. and the cracks in our relationship are not spaces for you to feel comfortable in..