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Hi guys..

Hoping everyone is well.. I know for a fact that everybody reading this is going through some kind of event.. whether good or bad, romantic or heartbreaking.. I know I’m going through a particularly difficult time in my life, and I’m basically holding on by the last of my strength.. and had it not been for the angels in my life, God blessed me with, I don’t know where I’d be.. So I apologise – for taking time to Blog.. I hope everyone missed this..LOL.. Ego boost!

So today, I’m not gonna write about anything silly or provocative, instead – I’m going to remind us all of the gift of friendship..and how necessary it is to have true friendship in ones life.

As I type this I’m listening to Destinys Childs – Girl.. and smiling at how many heartbreaks and disappointments my friends have had to pull me out of.. lol.. being a lover of love, I tend to fall deeply inlove or lust with new boyfriends, atleast I used to, and it’s always ended in catastrophe.. I remember when I was 16 and I fell inlove with a guy my friends didn’t find particularly charming..Dummy*. LOL.. When things ended that dog broke my heart and reputation.. I had never known embarrassment on that scale – and it broke me.. I was always indoors,crying into my pillow, and one day I walked in on my girls plotting some kind of confrontation and revenge- .. just THAT, brought me out of my hell..realising that they would fight for me,defend me and protect me..

Everybody’s favorite crew.. I’m Joan.. literally.. including the man problems!

They’ve also laughed incessantly at some of my relationships.. I’ve really out myself in some far out situations, but you know the warmth and solidarity that comes from the support your girls offer when you need it most? One of the blessings life offers..

We’ve all grown up now, and I’m happy to say – the relationships aren’t as messed up as before.. we have a different set of problems now.. and through family issues, work drama, sex insecurities and financial stresses, I know there is a set of girls, that walks along my side, never judging,always ready to help.. It’s important as a woman to know that as unique as you are,there’s a clique that loves, accepts and needs you just as you are..

Everybody aspires to this.. effortless,fun and honest..LOVE.. *I’m carrie..and there is a Big..* 🙂

Your friends aren’t your friends only when times are good.. but they are people you trust to be honest with you and your decisions, people you trust with your relationships, people that don’t compete with you for attention, status or influence.. but rather – compliment the being you are, and inspire you to be YOUR best SELF ALWAYS.. Reminding you that, you are enough..

Women who know the importance of sisterhood..from sharing gossip, lipgloss, laughter, tissue and a bottle of wine, to imparting honesty, advice and wisdom.. I know I wouldn’t have half the dreams I have I keep in my heart, if my girls didn’t consistently remind me that I am worthy, and capable of fulfilling them..I also know I’d be unemployed and destitute if I didn’t take their sound advice..lol..

There is no way great enough to express gratitude at those that mean the most to us, I know I speak to my bestfriends everyday without fail through SMS,email,calls..But something sacred connects us..whether in Durban,Northriding,Kempton or Sandton, I carry you in my heart and thoughts all day.. and love is what keeps us together.. More than friends – We’re FAMILY..

I love you..