Hope and trust everyone is doing good today..but if you aren’t..I hope this post makes you laugh!! If you can’t wait – trick your mind into happiness..just ***Smile*** 🙂

In the wise words of TLC – “A scrub is a guy that thinks he’s fly, And is also known as a buster, Always talkin’ about what he wants,And just sits on his broke ass”.. So NO – I don’t want no scrubs.. and it irritates the hell outta me, how scrubs are always ready to call women like me GOLD DIGGERS!! No boo..

I don’t any any of this..

Calling a woman who has her own, a gold digger – is just an indication, that you can’t meet her on her level, so you try to bring her down to yours.. Now I’m not saying I make tons of money, hell it’s the complete opposite! But I can afford and maintain myself pretty well, so when a man steps up to me, he better be on par, or above.. And that’s something I’ve compromised too much on! NO MORE HOER! Cause broke guys have as much shit as monied ones, now honestly – an I’m sorry attempt, followed by jewellery, flowers,chocolates and trips – is so much easier to accept than a broke dudes one. This is not my fault, it’s just the way things are.. I also wanna be like other children, and get THINGS.. Lmao.. YES THINGS!!

Why wouldn’t I want that?

Anyway, before Mandoza had the lovely idea of planting this 50/50 nonsense in the heads of many men – they were perfectly happy with taking care of their women! Just to set the record straight, some of us don’t believe in that BS.. A man is a man that takes care of his.. that makes sure his woman is happy and has no worries.. Now ladies, I’m not saying that a man should pay for your hair and nails, or wardrobe. But there are certain things you should NEVER have to worry about.. Eg – EVERYTHING that has to do, with HIS personal property,like his car,his house,his investments! Do not take on the role of wife, when you’re just a girlfriend girl..

I’m at an age where, relationships aren’t just for kicks anymore, a man really has to prove himself, and his ability to provide… Love doesn’t cut it..  and parts of what I need include financial security and stability.. because broke men complain yezwa..and I don’t wanna hear it!

To the men that are out there, making sure their women are like the ones in American videos, with the latest Louis,Gucci,Rides and Homes – THANK YOU!! And ladies, if you have a man like that, you better make sure you cook for him, clean and make that man feel like he is with a different woman everynight in bed!

More importantly, make sure that if he ever decides to leave, you can take care of your own! Cause despite them calling us Gold diggers, we’re GOAL DIGGERS..


A real woman can take her of her own, her clothes,her car,her house.. There’s nothing sexier than a Ms Independent.. And a real gentleman is one who won’t let her woman reach for purse unnecessarily – and will no expense for her happiness..

Perfect Balance.. Get yours.. TOGETHER!!

Every girl deserves the Jay to her Bey..