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Good afternoon beautiful people..

As always, I  hope this finds you well, happy and at peace..

By now, you should have guessed that my posts are sporadic and there isn’t one theme, although the common thread is looooovvveee.. 🙂 I’m driven to write about whatever I’m experiencing at that very moment, and whatever thoughts that are then inspired..

Earlier this morning I tweeted that I needed a good song to cheer me up, and a friend – @LooonMoon *Somie* , suggested I listen to J.Martin ft Cabo Snoop – Good time.. Now unlike other cool children *YOU* – I don’t have DSTV.. *Sad I know*.. so I really don’t know much about African Music.. Apart from the obvious, I only google what people update and tweet on..

But anyway.. guys – what happened to me after I heard J.Martins sexy voice.. HAI SHEM!! That guy sounds so damn sexy.. He goes “You say that you want it, you say that you need it.. you say that you love what I do when I do what I know how to do..” he almost whispers it, and it’s like —->> Eargasmn right there.. So naturally, me being a woman..made of nerves and hormones, I started to imagine him and other sexy Northern African men doing what they know they do well..hehehe..

Peter.. One half of P-Square

Now ladies.. we’ve all heard the rumors about how.. *errhem* well endowed our North African brothers are..and I for one, would love to find out..BUT this post is not about that.. although I will put up more pictures of devastatingly sexy African men.. just to wash our eyes..

I’ve always wondered if these men are as sweet and as romantic as they seem to be.. the closest I’ve been to dating outside of South African, is limited to Johannesburg shop vendors who scream out “My Size” everytime I pass by.. 😦 *mentally slaps each one*.. but I’ve always been curious as to how true these stories of extravagant love are.. Apparently, North African men take care of their women.. They will cook for you.. take you shopping.. and make love to every.part.of.your.body.. *wipes drool*.. And I mean we can’t deny how sexy they are.. tall, well built, chocolate Adonis’s..

Yummmm… *lets take a moment* Did you keep scrolling? I DID!!

This is not to take anything from our South African men, mara it’s like you’re used to us you know..and these other men..oooh, it’s like we’re an exotic fantasy to them.. **I kinda got blank after posting that last pic.. hehehe..**

And I don’t know about you, but when I see Niger, Congolese and Ghanian Men.. I just read HUSTLER.. Now I don’t like hustlers, but I love money.. and these men make money.. Thats how they are so successful across the globe.. Success is so sexy, but staying African is sexier..

The Original Mr Endowed..

I think more than anything, that’s what make these men different.. the embrace of their culture.. The surety in their identity.. Distinctly African – worldly adaptable.. It’s just a pity Dbanj hasn’t met me..I bet I would have replaced Beyonce in the opening line of that Oliver Twist song!

Oguchi-Onyewu Gooch..I don’t know what he does – BUT DAMN!!

Ok kids.. I actually have a real job I need to get back to.. lol.. Hope you enjoyed my mindless behavior..

Have a sexy day..


Z 😉