Hello Sanibonani..

How’s everyone doing though? Use the comment box, let me know.. Ask me stuff, suggest topics, do whatever.. this is OUR blog!

It’s Friday so I’m not gonna post anything long or serious.. just want to remind you guys to have a goodtime, adopt a “Fuck It” attitude, chuck up your deuces to everything that was bad this week… let your hair down and get your chilled on!

If you’ll be with your Mr Right, or Mr Right now.. get your sexy on SAFELY.. Get a 12 pack condom box and psyche yourself up!! Try something different, give that man something to think about all week.. I’m channeling my inner Rihanna.. *RUDE BOY STYLE*..Hehehe..

Otherwise, rest your pretty self this weekend, remind yourself that you are greatness personified, remind yourself that you are an opportunity for success.. Prepare yourself to conquer..

Alrighty.. this is a link to my favvvv song right now..proper weekend jam —->>> http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/bow-wow-ain-t-thinkin-about-you-song.102634.html\

Have a great one kids..