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Good morning everybody..

I actually meant to upload this post last night, but I was so exhausted.. Mondays are always so draining.. I live for Sundays, best days of the week.. lots of food, music and just the best relaxation.. I had a very dreary Sunday though.. and the cause – the stress from my mane.. Hair Drama!


Now, I know how everybody says the Natural Vs Weave debate is overdone, I don’t think so, but I’m not gonna write about that now.. Just a black girls journey *however short cause I’m only 23* with her very difficult to master hair..

I was blessed with a very full healthy and strong head of hair, from my dads side of the family, growing up I remember how everyone, including my dad – had the biggest shiniest afros.. I however had difficulty from early on dealing with my hair.. It’s what is called in township terms -Skirripot, the equivalent of that is “wire Pot srcubber”.. yes – my hair has been compared to such.. from the age of about 6 – my mom had me blowing out my hair.. *Perm*..and for a couple of days, Id have the bounciest softest hair, till it came in contact with water.. A black girls nightmare.. I was too young really to have any insecurities concerning hair.. And when I got older, I got the relaxer thing going on, and went with that till high school..

I don’t know which year it was, that I decided to cut my hair, and opt for a natural short do.. grow my hair out.. This decision was met with so much mixed emotion.. but to this day the most irritating one I faced was this attitude that I was “Brave”.. How does cutting your locks equal bravado?? This is the first sign of insecurity we have as black women, we think, the longer the length of the hair, the prettier the person??? And maybe that’s why we opt for weaves? We’ve made long, shiny, straight hair the standard for beauty.. *Note to sensitive sisters, I said WE, so this is not a personal attack.. 😉 *

My decision to cut my hair, was influenced by music, I was at that time, going through my conscious hip hop era, very indigenous,cultural and organic inspired stuff.. I felt I was being true to my African self, and upholding the standard for African beauty..untainted, natural, regal.. *But my hair was a mess..* The hiphop guys liked it though.. that helped.. lol..  My sister, an advocate for natural beauty also insisted that I keep it like that..

My hair went on to grow into dreadlocks.. and in my first year at UJ, I decided to go back to relaxed hair.. I don’t think I had the confidence to carry on looking that different from everyone.. Anyway, now that I’m a bit older, I think I understand the connotations attached to hair..  Hair is every woman’s crowning glory, a solid part of her image, but what more people don’t understand, is it makes up so much of her identity..

Now I’ve done it all, in the last 2 years, I’ve relaxed, had it natural, permed, got weaves, got braids.. name it.. Oh and in Jan, I cut it short again.. extremely short, because I got so tired of being defined by hair.. The stress of getting a weave, the amount of time sitting getting your braids done.. so strenuous! But more importantly – I wanted to prove to myself that I remained the same person despite the new image.. I stayed pretty, but I do find, I react to what people think of it.. The weave, revealed that people thought of me as a very pretty, well put together, feminine, but image obsessed young lady..  The corn rows and braids, something that’s been done – had other people thinking I was more down to earth, also well put together, and more approachable.. The short perm was the best, graceful, unfussed, confident and stylish.

What bothers me, is the opinion of more women that “Good Hair” is non ethnic African hair, and this is false.. the most beautiful women maintain their natural hair amazingly.. 

If you’re gonna get a weave, make sure it’s good quality hair, nothing more off putting than greasy hair, shedding hair, shiny hair, and flat hair..  And if you decide to keep it Al Naturel.. Keep it healthy, clean and moisturised!

I’m yet to decide what to do with my hair.. it’s at that awkward mid length now where you can’t tie it up.. lmao.. but it’s too long to pull a pixie off.. So I stay very close to my beret under the guise of winter fashion.. I’m still fabulous though..

Catch you on the next blog.. 😉