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Hello Dolls..

I do hope everybody has been doing well.. I really should learn to post earlier.. My minds been working on overdrive, and I haven’t been able to really concentrate on writing long enough.. I have 2 Topics that I’m working on, and I’m hoping to make them a bit interesting.. so please bear with me.. I promise I’ll put something up tommorow! 

Like I said.. I’ve been so preoccupied with thought, and it’s actually making me sick.. I’ve been thinking about work and progression.. studying.. health, finances and just other plans that I made.. We’re 7months into 2012, and although I’ve made some strides, I just feel they aren’t long enough.. I’ve put so much pressure on myself and I feel like I’m about to collapse..

But just as I’m about to, I remind myself that.. There are people out there doing far greater things, challenging themselves to be so much more better and if all else fails.. I need to just…

… And to understand that the legwork of all success takes time.. It’s not gonna happen in my time.. but in HIS.. I must..

And remember to stay true to my plan and vision.. We all need to!

See YOU tommorow!