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Good morning everybody..

I’m so happy this morning.. After the tough week I’ve had.. I’ve had the unfortunate luck of dealing with a couple of rude people.. and that’s something I cannot stand, I cannot tolerate people who are rude to others… So I thought I’d write about RESPECT!

I’m generally a very calm person.. but I get worked up pretty easily, and one of my pet peeves are rude, nonchalant and snobby people.. Funny cause I’ve been described as a snob by my very close friends, but I’m a very friendly snob.. I just don’t like certain things or places!

I’m a proper diamond diva..

My problems began this week at work, I work for two companies, that do completely different things, and one of them is administering a course, which has  people from all over Africa attending.. Our office only has 6 people working from both companies, so we take turns doing menial office tasks *Including the MD’s* , like washing cups, making coffee..that sort of thing. So my boss, asked that I please make coffee for the gentlemen attending, and I think they assumed I was the tea lady.. *Hot As I Am* LOL!! Anyway – they treated me in a substandard manner, which I didn’t appreciate.. and when one asked for a cup of coffee, I refused.. when he found out that that isn’t my position in the company, he again treated me very differently, and I could swear he started flirting with me.. *face palm*..
I don’t know about you, but I was taught at home that everyone is equal, and you don’t class people according to what they do, but the respect they have for themselves, and you. My parent’s taught us the value of greeting EVERYONE.. I literally greet everyone I pass on the street and it irritates my friends..but I find that the people you ignore at the gate – have more power to help you than anybody else.. Ever noticed how security guards know EVERYONE in a company?

I see a lot of rude people on social networks, and I don’t know who deceived everyone and said bitch was the new cool.. A lot of people need to be reminded that you EARN respect, you EARN prestige, you EARN loyalty. It really bothers me how people overestimate their importance – and sooner or later – the universe will remind you that you are as significant as a grain of sand in a vast dessert.. 

I’ve received so many favors, and most importantly lessons from people that disregarded by many.. my advice – your hairdresser,waiter,driver and helper are the most important people in your life..

If being polite is not your thing, remind yourself that there will ALWAYS be someone more important than you, but even worse – Karma is a bitch with your address..

Kisses.. 😉