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Hello all..

Hope everybody’s had a restful relaxed weekend.. It’s a bit cold in Johannesburg South Africa, but winter will be over soon enough.. In the meantime, we shall take advantage of warming wines, fattening soups and cute men to cuddle with.. šŸ˜‰

A couple of months ago, I had a series of updates on my Facebook Page, titled a “Ghetto Girlfriend Rules”, and they were a particular hitĀ amongĀ the ladies..LOL!! I think the one comment that stuck out most for me was, my version of ghetto is different from everyone else.. according to the Urban Dictionary, ghetto has been explained as the a fore mentioned “When someone is to be described as “ghetto” – it is used to describe that persons STATE OF MIND. “Ghetto” can be both a noun and an adjective. So, in this case, it is used as an adjective where white and Asian people can be just as “ghetto” as black people. Normally, this results from the poor living and upbringing conditions. “Ghetto” is a derogatory term used towards individuals who lack the standards of manners and ethics.”

Lil Kim is the QUEEN of all things Ghetto..

I grew up in the “Hood”, and if you did too, you were probably surrounded by abo Dudu, Gugu, Nthabiseng, I think he equivalent of this in America, are the Shanaynay’s, Trina’s, and Mercedes’s, the hot neighbourhood ladies, who always have their hair and nails done, their outfits hot, and their money good, courtesy of some man.. there is nothing wrong with this, infact – I admire it.. because my ghetto ladies, only have this financial support from one man.. and in turn, they fulfill the role of a hard woman, who puts up with a whole lot of shit from this man.. and they “ride” for this man.. *definition of ride – staying true to one person, though thick and thin.. prepared to go to jail for, and worse – die for*..

There is something so refinded, yet soooo ghetto about Monica.. like she’
s got class, but will not hesitate to whoop ass for her family.

The ghetto chick, see’s her man from nothing, and builds him into greatness.. and like all men, he’s gonna have all their faults, from cheating,to being locked up..*in extreme ghetto cases*, and just being down and out, but through it all – she treats him like a KING, makes him feel like a man, and plays her part by providing what she can.

Tiny is the perfect exampleĀ 

Throughout this time, there are rules she must subscribe too, to keep a happy home and a sane mind.. And we shall discuss these over a 5 Part feature, titled “Ghetto Girlfriend Commandments”

Before we can do this though, I have to describe the “Ghetto Man”.. so we can set the scene for this, because not every man can handle or deserves the ghetto girlfriend..

Hope you like it.. šŸ˜‰