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Hello ladies and gents..

I was so frustrated yesterday, the site wasn’t functioning properly.. I’m sorry for a no post show.. 😦

I reposted this so many times, and because I don’t make use of copy and paste, trusting in auto draft – I had to rewrite it.. Just awful.. Anyway…

We all love to look good, and to make it easier to do so, Zando – is offering 10 people vouchers towards their next online shopping spree.. Get yourself a hot pair of stilettos, a body hugging pair of designer jeans, or a sparkling pair of chandelier earrings.. the guys can also be on trend, with some of the slickest designer threads on offer..

All you gotta do to get a voucher is answer this easy simple question.. —->>

Name 2 methods you can use to contact Zando if you have a problem?

If you’d like to read the trivia and find the answer, please follow this link..  https://mizzford.wordpress.com/2012/07/09/zando-competition/

Goodluck! See you a bit later on the next post! 😉