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Good morning happy people!

Sorry I’ve taken so long to post this up.. Everytime I’m about to sit and write, something comes up! I really wasn’t cut out for a work life.. I’d rather be home doing what I love.. Anyway.. today we’re gonna chat a little about the Ghetto Man.. the partner to the Ghetto Girlfriend..

A lot of people diss my taste in men.. ­čśŽ LOL.. Not men I date though *My babe is so far from being a thug..but I love him anyway* , just the characters I’m attracted to, mainly TV personalities, and I always try to see the potential in all other men.. lmao.. Taxi drivers are my particular weakness.. hahahaha!! BUT I DON’T DATE THEM!! Lets make that very clear.. I just think that men who work Blue Collar Jobs offer a lot in terms of love and commitment.. off-course these don’t matter, if you’re hungry or always fighting about money..

Julius had 2 JOBS! And provided well for his fam..

But the one thing that makes a Ghetto Man worthy, is that he is a Hustler of note.. he makes shit happen,and he doesn’t answer to anyone while doing it.. I’m all about educated people, but that doesn’t count if you’re not making money right? Ghetto men, don’t┬ánecessarily have a University Education, but their skill and talent, makes sure they’re way ahead of the the rest financially, and their always their own bosses. They respect money, and where it comes from.. and so they respect their work..

Eish.. Suffocate.. *sigh*.. Thug turned club owner.. Ghetto Man..

There’s also something very very hard, and MANLY about ghetto men.. their instinct to protect you is always on..They want to make sure you’re Ok all the time, security wise, emotionally and financially.. Ghetto men are all about taking care of theirs.. They NEVER complain when asked to do something, because this is a role they relish.. More often than not, it’s┬ábecause┬áthey too were brought up in “Ghetto Situations” .. I’ve never met a Suburban Thug.. If they feel you’re threatened in anyway – they will take care of that problem..

Now don’t underestimate the ghetto man’s taste or finesse.. More often they’re cultured folk, because that’s why they acquire all this money.. to afford the best of everything.. He knows his difference between a Swatch Watch and a Hublot.. Drives the best cars, and lives in a beautiful home.. Everything is always up to standard, and he takes care of himself too.. sexy body.. smells good.. looks fine in the best quality threads..

Tiny built this man up..

The most important characteristics that a ghetto man possess’s are, that he is LOYAL, he is KIND, he RESPECTS you, he PROVIDES, he SUPPORTS you,he is HARDWORKING,UNDERSTANDING and he is GOOD to and FOR you! I almost forgot the most important one, he is GOD FEARING..

This is the man for me..