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Hello all..

I do hope you’re well.. that life is conspiring to bring you happy times, smiles, and pure joy.. Sometimes we need to realise that our hells are self imposed, and in reality – we have it good.. I mean, if you have a roof over your head, a meal everyday, the ability to READ THIS.. You are blessed beyond measure..

Today’s post was actually meant to be about something sexual.. I’ve been feeling a little more frisky than usual, but I really need to think about what I want to put across, as I don’t want to make the subject too much about me and Superman.. LOL!! But I’m always in the mood, so we can do sex any other time.. lmao!!

On my way to work yesterday, I was listening to Ukhozi FM, as they have some of the most motivational, and blessing filled talks on the breakfast show.. they also discuss some rather provocative stuff, and what was discussed yesterday, broke my heart into a million pieces. As we all know, our South African government has decided to release a number of prisoners, from their sentences and cells.. But what does this mean for the rest of South Africa? I know I for one, am not pleased with the way the WHOLE justice system is being managed.. Prisoners always have an advantage over a law abiding tax paying citizen.. Honestly – our constitution does more for those that wrong us than those that build us..

The one scenario that shakes me to the core is that, if I was raped and murdered, my mother -a hardworking tax payer, will then be expected to pay taxes that contribute to the well being of the individual who killed me? That person, would receive 3 meals a day, medical attention and an education.. HOW DOES THAT WORK??? When outside, people who house orphans, and volunteer their time as caretakers to those who are really suffering, are often without any help from our government..

I’m very uneasy with the way the world works at present.. Anyway – what was being discussed yesterday was that, the government had decided to set free, a young man of 22, who had raped his 94 year old grandmother in front of the other children in the house.. now the family has relayed that they do not want anything to do with him, so he has nowhere to go, and he becomes society’s problem.. WHAT do we DO in such instances? I feel like we aren’t REALLY involved, and we don’t do much to exploit our power as a people..

The reason I decided to take this direction today, was because, yesterday, a young man came to my office – to deliver some or other document, and just from our first interaction I could tell that guy had not taken a bath, and was either high, or drunk.. This was confirmed today, when he pitched, stating he had lost the business card, and form I had filled out for him.. he was wearing the same dirty clothes, and was equally intoxicated.. I run into this more often than not.. Young people in our country are so DIS-INTERESTED and UNMOTIVATED, and NOTHING is being done to inspire otherwise.. from teenage pregnancies, alcohol abuse, and the crazy trend of “ukuKhotana”.. please search for 3rd Degree on Youtube to understand better what this is..

Instead our leadership is FAILING EVERYONE with these unfair policies, where no reformation, but rather rewarding is done to perpetrators.. We’re also not completely free of responsibility as a people.. we curse and reject corruption..when we on the grassroots FUEL IT madly.. I’v never in my life had to give a bribe for anything, and am adamant that if the situation were to happen to me, I would rather take responsibility for my actions if wrong, or walk the due course to receive my success.. I don’t believe in underhandedness..

There are so many issues we NEED to discuss, we need to mobilise some kind of change of thought amongst us as a  people.. we need to understand what living your higher self is about..

Let me not get too much off my chest..for now.. but we will be discussing heavy topics.. we NEED to.

Have an awesome evening..With Love..