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Good morning friends,

I do hope everybody is doing well, it’s suddenly become such a rushed time for me personally, and everybody who’s got a lot of balls in the air.. school, functions, social scene, work.. it’s a busy time for everybody, cause the year is ending, and everything needs to be in, money needs to be made, so it can be spent in December!

There’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot of late, because I see it all over, and it’s gotten to a point where I honestly can’t stand it.. I can’t stand FAKES. Fake brands and labels that is.. I’m an avid fan of Sex and the City and before that, I really had no knowledge of what it means to really have a designer piece, but after seeing how coveted they are, and how you actually need to work HARD to acquire them, adding to their value and coveted status..

The closet Big built for Carrie.. housing Dior, Louis, Dolce, Oscar..all the greats..

If you’ve ever been to Rosebank, around the higher end restaurant area, you’d have noticed how many women walk around with Louis Vuitton bags, and the newest craze, the Hermes belt.. šŸ˜¦ Ā Now guys I have to stop and understand if people get how embarrassing a fake can be.. You step out of a taxi, with a Mr Price outfit on, but you’re donning a Louis Vuitton Alma that retails from R16000?

This is the Alma..

What makes a luxury brand so expensive, goes beyond the name of the brand..but the time and product used to manufacture a one of a kind product., NOT A CHINESE PASS ALONG! Take for instance, the Hermes Birkin Bag.. It breaks my heart when I see people strutting around with this bag,Ā becauseĀ there’s an actual WAITING LIST to get one.. The bag retails for $8000.. Now if we convert that to Rands, it’d be about R64000.. I’m not doubting that people have this money, but I AM SURE that not all people walking around with the bag do. The bag is like the holy grail of bags, and has become a token for success and prosperity..

The Birkin..

Now ladies, this isn’t a fashion blog, so I won’t really get into the history of the brands, and why they are for an elite few. The point of this post, is to make aware those that think we don’t know, aware that we do.. There is nothing wrong with donning a Truworths bag, that you CAN afford.. instead of compromising your value, and style by rocking a brand that’s just too powerful for you.. when you work hard, these things come as a reward, and a validation that you have entered into the good life..

I’ve seen TOO MANY people with this on.. šŸ˜¦

Guys, there are flagship stores, and if you’re getting it from China City, or a from a friend going to China, or from a cabin crew member – STOP right there! It’s exactly like Piracy, you shouldn’t have it, if you can’t afford it..

Style is a personal interpretation, and you should always aspire to acquire the best quality you can afford..