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Good morning lovers and friends..

How is everybody doing? How’s life treating? Are we inspired people? I can’t do anything if I’m not inspired hey.. but I’m moved by the smallest thing.. lately my obsession is with this Liberian Designers Handbags.. beautiful gorgeous, well made stuff.. It inspires me when I see young people doing well for themselves, and striving to deliver quality made, elegant and beautifully packaged dreams..

Do it for yourself..

Anyway, I have this thing of getting really off topic, I know.. but I was trying to explain why I took so long to post the “Ghetto Commandments”.. it’s mainly cause I wasn’t inspired, but also cause I forgot what the commandments are.. LOL.. So I had to sit and think, and deliberate with myself and myself.. and finally got some..

The First Commandment is RESPECT!!

One thing that builds and maintains any relationship, is a mutual respect love, that a couple shares.. respect goes beyond how you treat someone when they’re there, but also how you treat their choices, family and other relationships.. Respect is the common thread in all the commandments, and is never to be forgotten. A ghetto Girlfriend knows, that you treat your man like a man, and she would NEVER publicly humiliate or degrade her man, no matter how angry or irritated she is.. she never reveals any cracks that could show her man to be weak.. So you never call him out, or shout at him – he’s your man, NOT your child.. it also benefits you, to remain calm and composed, it cuts deeper when you get stuff of your chest, *later in private*.. Don’t Facebook or tweet YOUR business..

You’ll only succeed in pushing him away..

The Second Commandment is KNOWING WHEN TO KEEP QUIET..

As women we need to remember we are dating MEN, not GOD.. and there will be moments when he messes up.. and when these come to pass, you can’t be expected to address every single issue, and some things don’t even require a peep from you. For example.. If there is a girl he is getting friendly with, you approach him, and let him know, it does not sit well with you.. if the relationship ensues, and they get friendlier, you make it known that you KNOW.. but do NOT go further than that.. your man should KNOW to let it go, and if he doesn’t.. well that’s a different issue, and he’s probably gonna cheat on your ass..  Also know when to keep quiet when it comes to money matters.. If your man is making decent money and treats you well, do not say anything on his low days.. DO NOT COMMENT when his MOTHER needs something,you NEED that woman to like you one day.. and if the brother is cheap *why are you with him?*, but if your man knows you’re short on something serious *not hair or nails* , and doesn’t offer – make another plan, and if he asks where you got money to do whatever – just be like ” I made a plan”.. that should make wanna assert himself.. but don’t be a nag.. 

The Third Commandment is TO KNOW YOUR FRIENDS AS WELL AS HIS..

We’re girls, we’re gonna talk about our relationships, that’s a given..but you should  NEVER EVER tell your girls something that will make them disrespect your man. There are people you can trust not to judge of course – but NOT the whole gang..So keep the sexual problems out of your girl talk.. You don’t need your friends to be a part of your COUPLE issues, understand that.. More than that though, no man wants to feel compared to other men, especially your ex’s and his friends, hold up on letting him know what great relationships you have with your male friends… Men feel threatened too easily.. and girrrl, know that your mans friends are not YOUR friends.. respect their relationship enough not to be discussing him with his friend, or maintaining contact behind his back.. No need to be missing them, going out with them or being any kind of friendly alright!

Cut this out..

Alrighty dearest friends.. That’s all for today.. Hopefully I can write more tommorow..;-)

Keep well hey, have an awesome evening..

With Love Always