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I’m already giggling.. Morning guys..

How did everyone sleep? I’d like to thank everyone who’s been loyal to this blog, and shared it with friends, encouraged me to keep posting and makes time to comment.. I really do appreciate you..

So I know what you thought when you read the title of this post.. and I have to be honest, THAT IS WHAT I WAS THINKING TOO..LOL.. but I figured, does size in general matter? I was having a conversation with my best friend yesterday, where we were discussing size.. As in Male Organ Size, and if it matters.. now I know a lot of people say it does, but some say it doesn’t really matter – as long as he can use it, because some men might be blessed with size, but short of skill..


I think it’s important to be comfortable when having sex, to feel good and enjoy what you’re doing.. physically you MUST feel something.. but the most important thing is that you’re attracted to your somebody..

One of my friends, once commented on how she had no time for “small men”, till her current partner, and father of her child.. apparently – although size is not his strong point, the sex with him is fulfilling, exciting and body shaking.. so again, it’s how you use your lemons that makes all the difference. My other friend is not having it though.. she says small men are just unnecessary and need to understand how much harder they need to work.. lmao!!


Men talk about women and our bodies all the time.. and size matters there too right? Some don’t like flat chested, some don’t like big butts, although most do.. and big women get dissed sometimes.. ah well.. this big woman has a hot man, with a big power tool.. so as you were.. 😉

Everyone is beautiful..

My thing is this, if men are gonna have certain demands, we can have our own.. like if you want a big butt, you should have a big bank balance.. If you want big breasts, I should get big diamonds.. that simple.

At the end of the day though, as long as you’re with somebody who makes you feel good, satisfies you emotionally, and sexually – keep them.. Sex will always be important, but should get better with time, when you understand and accept your body, and most importantly accept that your partner finds all of you attractive.. 

Hope you’re plagued with happiness..

Have a safe and fun weekend.. with love..