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Good afternoon all..

Trust we’re all well, it’s a new week, new opportunity awaits.. lets get a piece of the vision completed yes? Achieve something this week..doesn’t have to be something big, but something that makes you proud to be you Ok? Ok! ūüôā

This topic today, was suggested by Katie.. Thank you Blu.. I must admit, I don’t have much luck when it comes to social networks and love.. I’ve had too many BAD EXPERIENCES.. Lmao.. I’m glad I was younger and over those now..

I remember I got my phone when I was in Grade8, after hounding my mom because my friends were already hooked up, and a little after that, my first virtual relationship began,after a wrong number call and an attraction to the voice.. *holds face in hands* lmfao.. I WAS A CHILD!! But back in those days it wasn’t really a chat experience.. I mean I had a Nokia 2110 – *that was the shit back in the day* and train messages were the order of the day back then.. you’d get something like this “*** c”,)*** hope your day was as beautiful as you”¬†accompanying¬†some cheesy poem.. and about 5 long calls during the course of the day as well, making small talk.. just reminding you how much they love you..¬†Those relationships never took away from real time though, and if you were fortunate enough to have a real time boyfriend, then they made time for you.. phone calls were a staple, because he’d have to call to before coming to see you, he’d have to call when he got home, and he HAD to call to say goodnight.. ¬†But now, all that has been replaced by instant “Communication” – where a BBM emoticon replaces a real kiss.. shame..I’ve never believed in getting chat applications.. I’ve just always been to¬†bourgeois for that, lol.. but the Mxit’s¬†and Whatsapp’s have just swept past me.. I think when a method of communication is¬†exploited¬†like that, you’re bound to find yourself in trouble sooner or later, because when you have nothing more to say, gossiping becomes so easy.. I also don’t like the idea of being so easily available all the time.. I can’t then resonate with how they affect relationships.. but I do know, that it makes sinister actions that much easier.. *Yup you BBM people CREEP!* LOL..

I’m not sure I’d be comfortable knowing my partner was flirting with other women on social networks, *yes I’m a jealous freak and I won’t excuse it* , but I do think, these platforms make it easier for shady little girls and boys, and what we don’t realise is, people will always reveal their best selves when interpersonal communication is limited..

When was the last time your partner really did a romantic gesture for you? like write a¬†letter¬†or even a note damnit! Oh but that could be a bad idea.. I wrote my ex a letter in 2008,and I never hear the end of it.. atleast with emails you can lie and say it’s forged.. but honestly though, while you go on FB and Twitter rants about how amazing your man is, is he only like that in 140 Characters? hmm..¬†In reality though, do you guys really talk? I find with this new age trend, a lot of¬†necessary¬†ol’skool habits were erased.. for instance, people are no longer court.. People don’t really talk and really get to know each other..Like I said, everything is so quick and fast, and there’s no real romance.. There aren’t any dates, no¬†real¬†time spent.. and sadly – you fall inlove with someone you don’t really know.. ¬†on the other hand, people are so obsessed with the alternate existence that is social media, and are more interested in giving us the PR version of their relationship..I don’t think we appreciate what it means to be able to talk to someone, about different things, honestly and openly, how amazing it is, to have someone UNDERSTAND your opinion, understand your vision and dreams – things that require passion, in person.. Maybe that’s why people break up so easily.. we’re all saying things, but because so much info is coming in, we lose the ability to filter the important ones..

What I do know, a good morning text, cannot replace breakfast in bed..

Blog later kids, have a lovely Monday.. ūüėČ