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Gooood afternoon everybody!!

It’s actually snowing in Johannesburg today.. 😦 So cold! I’ve been streaming church all morning, cause I don’t actually go to one. I know I should.. but this is equally good I think.. lol.. I’ve got the strangest cravings as well.. I’m craving Pork Belly this early.. Some Chow Mein would go down real nicely too.. mmm…So I was thinking today, about something I think about everyday.. my Butt.. lol.. I want a bigger Butt.. I really do.. A couple of weeks ago, my best friend, who’s got a hot body said to me, lol, I’m so lucky because my boy shorts cover my whole butt.. I DON’T WANT THAT!! I also wanna have a little cheek sticking out.. lmao.. like all the sexy girls.. but other than that, I’m pretty chillz about my body..I don’t diss myself, and I’m grateful I have working limbs, and a decent face.. all these lumps and bumps just need a new diet and a great workout plan..


My whole life, I’ve been surrounded by beautiful women, but in all honesty – I’ve never met anyone, satisfied with how they look.. and it bothers me.. we have such quirps and hangups as women.. It’s like, when you’re blessed with a voluptuous bum, you’ll concentrate on your smaller chest… and you have beautiful skin, your hair is gonna be an issue.. I’m not going to try and convince you to stop doing that though, if Tyra Banks couldn’t – what chance do I have? hehehe..

The lengths some people will go to through though, to “fix” parts of their bodies they aren’t satisfied with are scary.. Have you guys read about Vanity Wonder? She got over 1000 butt ILLEGAL Butt injections to enhance her ASS.. Really? From what I’ve heard, these are a mixture of silicone, and sometimes CONCRETE.. Why would you want that?? Aiiii.. A lot of people would say, if you can change it – then go ahead and do it.. I guess I agree, but we really should be careful.. I considered getting the fat from my stomach pumped into my ass.. that’d just be re distribution right? lmao..

Whatever you’re unhappy with, shouldn’t debilitate you though.. You have to look past your “flaws” and unleash the supermodel in you sexy.. People react to your confidence.. cheesy – but THAT’ what makes you stand out.. Say it babe.. “I’M SEXY AND I KNOW IT”..now BELIEVE IT..

On my good days I see this in the mirror.. 😉

The most dangerous thing to be, is someone who wants to CHANGE completely.. Some people get addicted to the changes, and then you can’t recognise them at all.. But I guess as much as we aren’t kind to ourselves, women in general are just mean.. I mean – the way people are quick to point out when you’ve gained weight is scary.. I’ve never understood that.. People are FORWARD.. Not understanding that people are already very conscious of themselves as is..

I guess all I really wanted to say today is, Be kind to yourself.. love and appreciate your body.. Change what you can, and accept what you can’t.. Work on being a beautiful person inside.. and HAVE FUN.. You have got to find yourself attractive  before anyone else will.. and once they do, stop pointing out the negative.. Celebrate you! EVERY BODY IS BEAUTIFUL.. 😉