Good day friends,

I’m so sorry I’ve been neglectful of this blog, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.. but I’ll try fix it.. I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has been supportive, and checking put for me, asking what the hold up is.. I appreciate it. I appreciate YOU.. 🙂

Now I hope everyone has been well, that we’ve been loving..and growing, and appreciating our gifts and blessings.. I’m learning, again – to inspire myself.. it shouldn’t be so hard to be happy.. but it’s not an everyday thing – cause we think about so many reasons holding us back from being excited about our lives.. But we have to try right? Right!!

So I went to a Young Business Women’s Summit, a week or so ago.. It was my 3rd year in attendance, and the aim of the of the conference is to help young women network, and make contacts that will further their businesses or careers, it also hosts a number of very influential successful speakers and just inspires sisterhood in business.

What I saw this year though, was how the “Pull Her Down” syndrome comes into play when we are around women that intimidate us.. and sadly it goes for me too.. :(.. When I got there, I was met by a good friend, who lives in a different province, and we don’t see each other all that often, except at these type of events. My friend has a high profile job, she’s an intelligent, good looking woman and dresses amazingly well.. the first thing she suggested was that we wait at the front entrance to see what the women attending looked like.. hmmm..  We all do that, we scope out other women and find faults with their looks, before we even have a chance to conversate and form an opinion from their intellect.

Famous for nothing.. Wealthy woman judged on everything other than real achievement!

I was surprised to see that among 170 attendees, only 3 women had weaves, I’m talking about the real thing.. and even more surprised to see how women reacted to that.. women don’t like women that are “too put together”.. fake hair, fake nails,  the highest heels and red lipstick are the enemy of many many women.. What was prevalent, was that these women were viewed as incompetent, pretentious and non achievers.. One was said to have married into money.. ha! Turns out, one she is actually a medical doctor, the other has some financial degree, and I saw the other rolling in a Range Rover.. *claps once*

Women don’t really like other women, and I dismissed this pull her down syndrome before, as something men had designed to ensure hostility and animosity among women. But I was wrong, it’s really real.. regardless of how blessed and prosperous women are – there will most likely be a woman that intimidates her to a point, that she feels the need to point out any weaknesses she might have.

I notice this a lot on twitter, the hate Minnie Dlamini receives is astounding.. she’s a young, very young, success.. but other BLACK women cannot appreciate or accept that.. her looks are picked at, her job at LIVE,her dress sense, hair.. everything is criticized! Amazing.. What worries me even more – is that Minnie was  chosen by the public for her job at Live, and it seems they wanted her that high, just so they could pull her down.. Now that her career has grown, the hate has as well. When did we become like this? How does it benefit us to destroy another being?

I said this a couple of years ago, that women compete for everything.. men,style,friendship and fame.. we don’t compete against other men, and take no prisoners n our quest to be number one..

In that quest though, let us not lose our self respect, our integrity and honor.. what you point out in another woman to be negative in a malicious manner, is indicative of the ugliness you have in you.. My sister once said to me, “when you don’t like someone, take what you admire about them – and leave the rest with them..” You don’t need to be friends with everyone, and not everyone is competing with you..

Play nice.. we have a lot of things that we go through as women, we understand each other, our emotion, our ambition, our LOVE and our insecurities.. if we learnt to respect each other, imagine what mountains we could conquer..

Till tommorow..