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Good morning darlings..

Hope everyone is feeling good.. it’s Friday so I think we’re all really excited to knock off later, and get to relaxing!! I’ve been drafting a post for about a week, and I’m struggling with putting my point across.. It’s titled “Men are not faithful creatures – and yours is not special”..I LOVE IT! LOL.. It’s not in the least bit offensive, just an honest opinion I have about relationships..

But for today I thought I’d go with something light, and frivolous since it is the weekend.. Was speaking to my best friend earlier today, about sex.. *what else*, and I got to thinking.. being in a relationship for as long as I’ve been – you get used to your somebody.. I know how my man makes love.. I love how my man makes love.. and sometimes – how we have sex! It can get routine, and I’m not ashamed to say that – I’m not a whore in bed.. infact before this man – I didn’t maintain relationships long enough to experience crazy sex.. I pretended to know what I was doing with the others, LOL..BUT I think I learnt with my man. Although there was this one guy.. hehehehe..*story for another day* ! I know a lot of women go through what I did.. so I thought I’d illustrate *well not me* – simple positions, that might impress your sir..

From the back.. standing.. Men like this, cause they’re in control..have a great POV and can maximise thrusting.

Actually guys, LOL, I’m not gonna write any captions cause it just feels too personal.. hai sorry! I’ll just post pictures? Deal..? Deal!!

I draw the line at a mans butt in my face though.

Yum Yum Yum!!!

I’m very fond of the missionary position

The closer we are.. the harder I fall..in love that is.

Ok something has gone terribly wrong with this post.. I can’t format how I write and it’s messing with me..


Sexy Spoons… 🙂

Slippery Nipple.. where you are allowed to just be a Nandos chicken.. :”)

So let me end today’s fun with this advice.. “Roll some weed, take a shot, and get a pornstar shot in!”