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Hey guys..

I’m so preoccupied with other things, that the blog has taken a bit of a backseat.. I’m so sorry, and I’m certain people are sick of my sorry’s.. ūüė¶ I just need sponsorship from Play Energy Drink, Monster or Redbull cause I’m always so tired!

This is me presently..

I started this post yesterday, and I’m determined to finish it today.. I wasn’t as inspired or rather irritated as I am now! Today I would like to please write about hustlers.. you know – those people that go about¬†acquiring things at other peoples expense.. if you know me, you should know – I hate anything to do with hustling.. it’s just not as classy and rewarding as properly termed HARD WORK.¬†For me anyway.. There is offcourse – the Urban Dictionary Glamorized version of what a hustler is.. and I have no quirps about that, make your money boo, any damn way you can – just back the fuck up from mine.

I get incredibly irritated at “friends” that are always trying to save a bit at my expense, and I’ve been described as someone who places too much importance in money.. I’m sorry but if I’m up at 5am to get to work – I will respect my money, and I guess that’s the issue here – peoples lack of respect for other peoples money. I don’t make a lot of money, but I lead a decent lifestyle, and although I don’t EXPECT ANYONE to play keep up – I sure as hell don’t want to be expected pull anyone along. For instance, we all have that one friend, who’s wallet or bankcard is always playing hide and seek.. you’ll be at a lunch, and they’ll be ordering to their hearts content, only to sit you with the bill later, or that other one, that asks you to buy something for them at that moment, with promises to pay you back as soon as you get home, never to speak about it again!¬†

Then there are the CHEAP ones, who do funny, shady things, like trying to collect your monies – and avoid chipping in for the tip.. or always need your bus tag for the Gautrain shuttle, bitch how were you planning to get home? Saving at my damn expense! But NOTHING irks me more than a person that desperately seeks money for a situation that seeks cash, and you only have plastic, who then whips out the money they had to use for another “emergency”.. Ahhh!¬†

I was raised not to ask people to do anything for me, that my parents can’t , so I never ask for anything, and am not comfortable with people spending their money on me. I don’t ever want to come across as selfish or stingy, cause I don’t ,ind spending on the people that I love.. IF I WANT TO! NOT when I’m FORCED to! And I’m Ok with that.. I guess all I really want, is for people to stop this irresponsible thing, of being a burden and a displeasure.. Don’t be so comfortable with your hand being held out all the time, take care of yours and be honest when you don’t have money.. Although..

Money is a big deal in every relationship, between friends, lovers and family.. if you can’t me back that R20 you asked for – how do you expect me to trust you with R2000 that you might really need? Speak up when you can’t pay back, it’s OK.. Let us understand – that to go certain places, do certain things, and drink certain wines, you have to spend a certain amount.. if you’re not comfortable with that – WAIT till you are.

Chat later lovers