Hello my loves.. oh how Ive missed you all!!!

Firstly I’d like to say I’m so sorry for my abrupt silence.. I was and am still going through an uninspired time in my life, where I feel like just screaming out and crying and fighting and just being sad..

Its Monday evening and I’ve decided to indulge with a bottle of Merlot.. hahaha!! I am completely off right now, and I’m listening to Beyonce.. I have so many emotions going through me.. but I just needed to acknowledge that the most precious and realest most important one is..LOVE.. I am loved by the man I love.. and the friends I love.. and that’s more than I need to remember my worth..

Like I mentioned though, I’ve been uninspired and almost too sad to write.. but I wanna come back, so I need you to help me.. talk to me..suggest things..share stories..laugh and play with me..

I don’t do misery too well, and it’s been a while, I’m bored of being boring.. 😉

The last couple of weeks have been interesting to say the least.. I’m definitely flavor of the month among the single boys.. everybody wants to be my man.. and there are MICE in my house..:( I think about 4.. I’ve tried everything to get them out, but they won’t leave..I am living in fear..anyway – I’m busy with my University exams, I *can’t comment truthfully* love my job..LOL! And I just received an email stating that I have achieved one of business goals.. I’m very proud of me.. :’) Hopefully this time next year, I’ll be completely independent of any company..

I do hope each of you has that love in their life.. that tear inducing type of love..*yes I am crying right now*.. lol.. I’m so blessed to have loving people in my life.. my friends who are consistent in their love and affection, despite my many disappointments.. a man who is amazing in loving me.. through all the messes I cause.. the imperfections I display.. I am so lucky to have someone who is a pillar of strength, a friend, a love so great and so real..

Now I’m crying, cause they’ve been through it all with me.. without judgement or anything else.. I love you guys..

I’m almost at the bottom of my very last glass..so without further abuse to my tear ducts.. goodnight and God bless..