Wow!! *waves frantically* HELLOOOO FAMILIA!! Jeez it’s been a minute.. I sit here, ashamed at myself for failure to keep us going.. I honestly had nothing to say, and complaining all the time, gets tiring.. Nothing much has changed from last year, what a bore.. I’m still stuck in that rut.. I’m trying to work through the mess that is my life, but I’ve been procrastinating on that.. all this stress has my mind crowded man.. I went through an everyday blazing period.. I’d light up a joint every night, and dream up silly dreams.. that was fun, but I lost all my writings, when my stupid laptop just switched off and never came back on.. ahh.. the last 4 months, my life has not had enough music.. Music, especially jazz, centers me.. I’ll go shopping this weekend for some new stuff..I also injured my knee, seconds into 2013.. that’s been a bitch.. everytime I think the thing is getting better, it just get’s really sore, atleast I’m walking now, to think I was so excited about taking tennis up this year.. So what can I write about? Hmmm.. Well my friend Petunia and I are discussing relationships..*what’s new*.. nah I don’t wanna talk about that..  It’s just too hot.. ooh, lemme gie you a summer essentials list.. although I’m a whole month late, these are things that are necessary till Autumn creeps up on us.. Now bear in mind, this is just a frivolous post, just so I can get back into the swing of things neh.. 😉 Living in South Africa, is probably  one of the best things to have happened to, well ALL South Africans.. we have a really beautiful country, with some really gorgeous people, and it’s just rich,colorful culture filled hub.. Although we have our issues,we have it alright down South.. The first essential for fun in the African Sun.. a good bloody Mojito.. After a good Merlot, THIS is definitely my drink of choice.. although it’s originally a cuban drink, it’s perfect here.. the lime, rum, syrup and mint – hit the spot.. all the damn time!

I make these REAL good.

I make these REAL good..

The next thing you’ll need, is a good Pedicure.. some pretty sandals too! It’s summer, so go crazy.. I love bright colors, and a good flattie from Aldo is always a dream..

I so wish my toes looked like that.. Think I'll get that fish pedicure thing..

I so wish my toes looked like that.. Think I’ll get that fish pedicure thing..

Next.. with this heat, you need SHORT HAIR.. The more natural the better.. I love cropped ethnic hair, or even a weaved pixie.. right now, I have a 20inch weave, and the hair sticks to my face cause I sweat so much.. urgh.. can’t wait to get it OFF!!

That's me when I had short hair.. hellooo!! Last Summer..

That’s me when I had short hair.. hellooo!! Last Summer..

The best thing to have, is a list of cool spots to hang out.. I’m into my leafy suburb hangout spots.. I love sophistication and class.. but this Dec I realised, fun is where you decide to bring it.. but Kasi takes the cup! Lots of people, music, food, and just unadulterated FUN!!

It's like a south african barbecue.. This venue is 10mins from my home - get's so packed, cheap alcohol, cheap food, and guaranteed good times!!

It’s like a south african barbecue..
This venue is 10mins from my home – get’s so packed, cheap alcohol, cheap food, and guaranteed good times!!

The next thing is a sexy feminine outfit.. dreamy and don’t wanna be stifled in jeans, or heavy materials.. it’s HOT! Keep it simple,bright, and loose enough to hide your tummy after the food happens..

Your clothes should always suggest that you're a lady..

Your clothes should always suggest that you’re a lady..

the most important is a summer playlist.. YES! HOUSE MUSIC!! Oh and sexy hiphop.. my favorite songs for summer are..   -CLIQUE..Kanye and em are just too cool.. – DICED PINEAPPLES..Wale MAKES this song for me.. *swoon* – TSA MANDEBELE.. Oskido is a GENIUS!! One more time for the base.. South African House Music at it’s best! – Harrison Crump..No No No.. my love for this song..eish.. -Tortured Soul, Home To You.. my boyfriend and I….. it had been 5 weeks since he had been gone.. needless to say, nookie to this song was a HIT! 😀 Lmfao..

and finally – – Rihanna’s Nobody’s Bniss.. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

There’s plenty more, like a boyfriend..sunscreen..a BIG FLOPPY HAT.. Aviators,light parfum and a bottle of your favorite liquor.. Mine is Southern Comfort. Wait it’s Bacardi.. no no.. Jack Daniels.. 😉

Ciao Loverrrs.. ❤

Till Morrow’