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Hello lovers and friends..

It’s been such a long day! And it’s only 13:34! I am really not feeling this place today.. or on any other day for that matter..lol.. but you gotta do what you gotta do, to get what you wanna get.. I’m really one of those people who suck it up, and try to get through..

I don’t really have time to write up anything, but do promise a post for tomorrow! The only thing I wanted to share was a little thought. I realised, how powerful a woman can be when she remains a woman.. yes, we are ambitious, hardworking, intelligent.. but we should always remember our strength lies in our ability to be soft.. so we can be flexible.. Feminine, so we can be admired as beautiful..just as God intended.. and Submissive to the head, as the neck..because in any case – we decide which way it will turn.. we keep it balanced,and held high..

Women bear a lot, we are expected to build, nurture, support, protect, and love.. and this is sometimes, most times taken for granted.. We’re born leaders because of our ability to care for everyone involved. Sometimes it’s hard to show emotion, we have to be hard, constantly pick up pieces broken or left by other people.. and yes, we have to constantly change and adapt after life happens.. God had some serious faith in us..  So all I wanted to basically say to women, is that the very thing that puts you through challenge after challenge, is the same thing that GETS YOU THROUGH..  Embrace the role of Mother, Leader, Lover, Friend, Daughter and Wife.. Be kind to yourself, and other women.. we’re going through a similar struggle..

Most importantly, understand YOUR POWER.. That it lies in every curve, in your resilience, in your humor, and your ability to mend broken hearts..and get healthy ones racing.. lol.. Zamamiya

Ok have a great one!