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Hello Hello Hello.. I greet you all in the name of MY BIRTHDAY!!

LOL!! Yes it’s my 24th Birthday today, and I can’t believe I’m 72 months away from 30!! wow! I didn’t think, I’d get as much love as I have this morning.. normally everybody goes about their day.. but it’s been different this time! Even my mom gave me hug!! lmfao!! They normally forget, so.. dad is probably gonna remember a week from now, but it’s cool.. 🙂

So yeah.. the BIG 24.. I’m in my MID TWENTIES.. hmm.. safe to say, they’re not quite what I thought they were shame.. I think after 23 I realised that all the things I want from life take time.. and the idea today, was to write about things I want by 27, when I hit my LATE TWENTIES.. :”D .. But I thought nah.. let me rather write about what these years have taught me instead.. So this is gonna be my 24 things I’ve learnt list.. if you’re younger, take note.. 😉photo 2 (1)

1. Life, and the universe will always work to accommodate you and your thoughts and efforts.. what you concentrate your thinking on, will eventually come to pass.. You need to have an unwavering  belief in your thoughts, and follow up with corresponding action..

2. Friends, are the family you ACTUALLY GET TO CHOOSE!! Your closest friends should always be the people that LIKE the real you.. the only you in actual fact.. they should also be people, that have no issues being honest with you, being hard on you, scolding you – just to show you they love you.

3. You’re blessed if you still have both your parents.. Don’t ever take that for granted.. and throughout the years, I really thought my mother didn’t like me, but I’ve grown to understand, a parents love is measured on it’s own scale.. w don’t need to be friends, but no one has my back like Mom’s..

4. KFC Zinger wings, will always and forever beat Chicken Licken Hotwings.. ALWAYS. It’s in the crunch.. oooh.. the way it’s perfectly seasoned.. Worth every damn calorie.. photo 5

5. People aren’t always nice, and unfortunately, you’re gonna have the displeasure of meeting such.. Know that when people point out the “flaws” they think you have, they are acting out – because some other bully played on their insecurities a bit too much.. it’s not about you.. take it, and move on.

6. Learn.. and not necessarily from a book.. but from everyone you meet on the daily.. Whether they are cleaners, taxi drivers, lawyers or businessmen.. everybody has a story – and most stories have a lesson.. Learn.

7. Safe Sex Is The Best Sex..photo 1 (1)

8. There is no cure for procrastination.. you only shoot yourself in the foot, by putting off what can be done today, for tomorrow.. a lot of opportunities are sure to be missed if you don’t break this habbit!

9. Know yourself.. know what you like, what you want, what you are willing to settle for and how far you’ll go to receive it.

10. Don’t mix wines.. or any other alcohol for that matter.. Drinking till you puke, was Ok at 17, maybe even 18.. but it is not cute now.. Being drunk “during the people” is unattractive, and lands you the role of fool..

11. Pay your debts.. don’t hustle people for money.. Don’t be a sponge.. nobody likes a sponge.

12. There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance.. nobody likes an arrogant pig! If you need to announce to the world, how awesome you are, instead of being quietly confident about it.. guess what.. Oink!

13. Money Shouts.. Wealth Whispers..

14. Take care of yourself.. and those that take care of you..photo 3 (1)

15. Boys LIE! Women too.. Ok People lie.. People lie about their intentions, their past, even their current state.. People find it so easy to lie.. don’t be surprised at some of the things you are yet to find out!

16. Your heart is made for pumping blood.. so it doesn’t realllly break from being disappointed in love.. that’s just your ego.. LOL!!

17. People you thought would be in your life forever, leave.. whether they are family, friends or lovers.. People grow apart.. be grateful for the time you had together, and your paths lead to different destinies..

18. Pray with supplication.. pray with thanks for what God already knows you want, and what you believe you have.

19. You might meet your Soulmate.. the song in your life.. you’d be very lucky to have them.. but you might have to give them up.. Your ass will be “The Wrong Side Of A Love Song..” lmfao.. :”) You’ll be fine though! Promise..photo 3

20. The right underwear will give you amazing super powers! Or a real confidence boost!! It’s important to feel sexy..

21. AVOID DRAMA!! I don’t allow people, who allow negativity in their lives to be part of mine.. there are just situations you can afford to miss..

22. When you do decide to love.. let it be the most consuming, passionate, deepest love you’ve ever had.. better than the last! Don’t plan.. Don’t expect.. JUST BE!

23. Be kind. if you can’t manage that.. be POLITE.

24. My very last one.. *this has been long*.. Dream.. in VIVID BOLD COLOR! Dream up the biggest, wildest, most impossible dream.. because your HEART will bring it to your life.. Dream a dream that will scare you.. change lives.. Dream with an abundance of love in your heart..

So here’s to 24 more years, of self discovery to you and I.. may they be filled with music, laughter, fun and love..