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Morning friends of mine..

I do hope everyone has been keeping well.. I have thank you.. I’ve tried writing a couple of posts, but haven’t really been able to communicate my thoughts into words.. But this post has nothing to do with anything serious.. I’ve had a humorous  morning, and such things require a certain sense of easy going self do deal with.. and right now, I’m in a whimsical mood..

See this morning, I went through 3 different outfit changes.. I work in an easy going office, and we don’t have a strict dress code, so I’m not really fussy about how I dress.. but I am single woman now.. *yes Superman and I broke up..well kinda..I don’t know* so I try a bit more to be appealing to the opposite sex.. This morning I decided a grey pencil skirt and a cleavage revealing bright cerise top with gold accessories would do wonderfully together.. I was right! LOL!! Anyway, I don’t know why I stretched so much instead of climbing into this guys car, and RRRRRRRIIIIIIIPPPPPP! Went my skirt!! lmfao!!Oops I let him drive away cause I was so shocked.. and only told him well on my way to work.. LOL!! I am right now, sitting with a HIGH HIGH slit up my thigh, but luckily I brought along a cardigan..so I’m covered.. and yes, the smart thing would be to quickly go shopping – but I work in a deserted business park in the middle of nowhere.. So for today, I shall entertain my inner exhibitionist and flaunt my sexy.. Don’t worry I work alone! 🙂

So anyway.. last night, I had such a beautiful evening.. I opened a bottle of wine.. a young merlot.. lit candles.. took a bath.. and put on my very favorite cd’s.. now I like I mentioned, I am now a single woman.. and all this relaxation was for nothing.. cause I didn’t get none.. 😦  LOL! Now normally, this wouldn’t be a problem.. but it’s been a while.. By the time I got to my 2nd glass.. I was feeling rather.. spicy, for lack of better word.. and when I found myself playing with hot wax, I realised how serious my yearning is.. LOL!! Anyway, we shall not discuss my lack of sex life!

If I were a dude..LOL!

If I were a dude..LOL!

What I do want to discuss though, is what is acceptable to discuss? I recently made a new friend, a gorgeous 26 year old lady, smart and funny.. Although, she’s always so shocked to hear me describe my take on sex.. trust me, I’m not that graphic.. lol.. a week or so ago I had the pleasure of being in the company of a very very goodlooking man.. and although we’re not in a sexual relationship, he has no quirks about being naked in front of me.. so I was explaining to my friend how amazingly fine this chiseled specimen is..and as I got to describing his member, my friend all but ran away.. LOL!! Maybe I am too forward, but like I said – I have so much Sex and the City influence, and Samantha is always talking about the male anatomy in detail..

I had such a difficult time choosing which pick to put on.. so ladies.. the one underneath this one.. is for you...

I had such a difficult time choosing which pick to put on.. so ladies.. the one underneath this one.. is for you…


Thank me later... ;)

Thank me later… 😉

My biggest concern though, is coming across as if I’ve been with a lot of men – I haven’t, and as old as we are, people grade you by how you speak about sex, and don’t want to be graded “whore”.. We’re in a modern age yes? and we have become liberated? How do we view sex? Are we Ok with sleeping around as we please? I mean would indulging every man I fancy with a roll in the hay make me whore? what makes one a whore? I mean I like sex.. and while I was in a relationship – I suppose I tied it to an emotion.. but now, my emotions are a lot softer than my physical wants.. but who am I supposed to give it up to? How many  part time lovers am I supposed to have?

I want it all..

I want it all..

I’m not an idiot, I know HIV and STD’s are rife.. that’s the biggest thing to consider.. I wouldn’t want to catch something!  But is it Ok for a woman to love sex, and not be labeled? I’m not expecting anything of monetary value out of it, and I can separate my emotions.. but is society ready to just see that for what it is? I don’t know..

Ok.. Let me know what you think..