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Hi Guys!

I care about how are you, I really hope you’re all well..

The day before yesterday, was incredibly hard for me.. I made the choice to share, a dark part of my life as I was going through it, and Lord – it helped.. I felt so much lighter after confronting the truth and releasing from my mind, and my heart, and my confinement.. it was the greatest form of therapy I could have ever had.. I feel lighter.. more in control and dare I say – so much happier than I have in a long time..

I watched the Beyonce documentary yesterday, and the Oprah interview today, now it wasn’t anything spectacular for people that weren’t ready to listen, and hear so much more than what she said.. I haven’t gone through the things Beyonce has, but I understood with more than my mind.. I felt everything through my body.. and it showed me a part of myself that I love with so much honesty.. a part of myself I respect.. and a part of myself – I’ve always hoped I show the world.. I’ve learnt so much today.. and I can’t possibly share it through words you know.. I tried to record myself speaking, and I was going to post that rather, but it was 15 mins of me in an absolute craze, and fascination with finding myself again.. so I didn’t want people to feel like I’m conceited and miss the whole point. Again.. I had to share in that moment what I understood my life and all it’s event’s with someone who’d get it.. so I sent this message to my friend.. ”

You know Mickey,

I was thinking today about my life, and I was watching Beyonce’s Doccie and her interview with Oprah, and everything she said – although I’ve never been through all of it, resonated with me. I watched, and it felt like the conversations that we have, because they always feel so necessary, and so so real. And I just wanted to tell you, we’re so lucky and fortunate to be able to have this relationship with each other.. and that sense of understanding we share, because we can be honest to each other.. it’s always felt good to have you in my life, but today it made Godly sense. I’m so thankful..”My Revelation

And in saying that, I came to understand SO MUCH MORE WHY I NEED TO REMAIN IN THE PRESENCE OF PEOPLE WHO BUILD ME. People who understand me, and people who understand in a HIGHER SENSE what we are here to be.. and in that moment – I cried.. when it all made perfect sense..and it felt like only love mattered.. love for myself, my passion, my life, my understanding..my blessings.. I GOT IT. And it was a wonder, incredibly amazing.