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Hello everybody,

Trusting you are well.. I’m good.. Pretty happy actually.

I went out for dinner with my best friend last night, and it was just awesome! We went to an Asian restaurant,  KOI in Rosebank..and it wasn’t our first time there, but I tell you now, that is honestly the best amount of fun we’ve ever had there. My best friend and I made a pact, when we were in high school, that we would never settle for plain or substandard when it came to dining out, and we stuck to our promise, and we’ve been to some really amazing places.. so today, I thought I’d share my favorite spots in Johannesburg and why..

First up.. I’ll go for KOI.. There are now two KOI’s.. one in Sandton, that I’ve never been to, I don’t frequent the Sandton CBD all that often.. it’s always very crowded and I did enough of that place when I was younger. Sandton for me is, very pretentious.. it’s a mix of the very affluent, and the not so privileged.. and of course the very snobbish.. When somebody asks me, if I’d like to go out to any restaurant on the Square, I immediately assume they are the type that order just fish and chips at a Seafood restaurant.

Ok Back to KOI Rosebank.. I really love the decor of the place, contemporary meets asian.. Mostly wooden chairs, and the outside lounge has the comfiest sofas, with huge scatter cushions that add accents of purple and grey.. and if you know me, you should know I love comfort.. I love laying back and really relaxing with a cocktail in hand type vibes.. IMG_8470We ordered Long Island cocktails on arrival, which didn’t really have the desired effect.. I like my Long Island with 5 spirits.. LOL!! Tuki actually had a Californian Ice Tea.. and that didn’t really go down well either.. but we switched to “Jackie Chan’s” and boy, that had a kick!! We then ordered Sushi for starters..Rainbow Rolls, and it’s amongst the best Sushi I’ve EVER had.. it is an Asian restaurant after all..  For our main meals, Tuki ordered the wok charred beef fillet, with mash and shitake mushrooms and greens.. I ordered the slow roasted lamb shank which wasn’t ready, and I asked for the Crispy Duck instead, which was also not ready, and both dishes take quite some time.. I settled for the Charred beef as well, which was not at all a disappointment.KoiWe didn’t bother to order dessert, and had more cocktails instead.. I love the place for the ambiance, stellar service – maybe because it was midweek and not very busy, but our waitress was very attentive and gave us space to talk and just have an intimate evening.. Price wise.. it’s not very bad on the pocket.. if you’re looking to have  3 course meal with at least 3 drinks, you can be prepared to spend at least R480 A piece.. with gratuity. Love KOI.photo 3

My next favorite place has got to be Turn and Tender in Bryanston Nicolway.. the place is absolutely amazing.. It’s on a stand alone site, just opposite all the other restaurants in centre.. Decor wise, it’s very simple.. I love the outside are with Shady Umbrellas and views of nothing much really.. just an office.. LOL! photo 2 (2)But I really love that place.. I’ve been there on numerous occasions, and the manager has a lovely way of dealing with all his customers, making everyone feel very welcome and homey.. The service is top notch, and the cocktails are amazing!!!  It’s honestly just a great place to catch up, and talk, and enjoy good MEAT and drink. photo 4

When speaking of first impressions, one that will make a mark on you, will definitely be, KREAM. Kream is a gem of restaurant in Brooklyn Pretoria.. it is everything and then some.. I am telling you, from that minute you walk in you are taken superb care of.. the hostess pays attention to your every desire and is at your beck and call at all times.. Now this is somewhat a higher end restaurant, but there is NONE of that pretentious stuffiness.. Kream is a DREAM. I give it 20/10! We went with an old friend, Hlogi, who lives in Pta and frequents the place!Kream-RestaurantThe food is superb, divine.. I ordered roquefort and garlic snails for starters,  and for mains, I had the Sirloin Biltong Kream with skinny fries and vegetables.. Tukiso ordered the Lamb Chops with roasted vegetables and mint jus, and Hlogi had the Pork Ribs with skinny fries.. For dessert, Hlogi had Creme Brulee, Tuki had cheesecake, and I had white and dark chocloate brownies! Yummo!!photo 2 We each had two cocktails, and the bill for all three of us came to R900 less gratuity..so reasonable! They have an impressive wine list and their bathrooms have an array of designer fragrances for patrons use while freshening up! AND they validate your parking!! AMAZING PLACE!!

The next place is not really one of my favs, but it is rated one of theee best restaurants in Johannesburg. Signature in Morningside..  I think the place is Gorgeous, it has an amazing view, if you’re lucky enough to book in time, you can enjoy that view..signiturerestaurant We actually didn’t have any mains here, cause the waitress was just too stifling! You literally cannot move without someone offering to hold your chair, place a napkin on your lap or fill your glass.. photo 2 (3)I love the idea, but it came off over bearing.. we had Mojitos and a starter of sushi and tempura prawns, and dessert, cheesecake for Tuki, and Tiramisu for me.. photo 1 (2)came to R500, so yes they are DAMN OVERPRICED!! Love the live music, and yeah.. that’s about it.

One of the first upmarket restaurants we went to, was PLAKA in Eastgate.. I am in love with that place!! The ambiance, the service, the FOOD, the drinks.. EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT!! It’s Greek food, and I’m not really one for Meze’s because I can never decide what I want on my platter..plaka1 but there are main meals and yeah.. It’s perfect for a Sunday Lunch. I ordered the beef fillet, and Tuki ordered a Line Fish.. very fresh, well prepared…it was sublime.. PLAKA will always be very special to me.. plaka

I love going out.. I really really enjoy spending time around other people, being served GOOD FOOD, Good wine.. in beautiful spaces..having great conversations about life, men, money, love..
I love Tasha’s for this.. Tasha’s as well know, is just a cafe style, trendy eatery.. I’ve been to most Tasha’s, just not the one in Brooklyn or Morningside.. I love the Easy eating menu.. I love the VIBE!

Tasha's Nicolway

Tasha’s Nicolway

In every Tasha’s there’s a young hip trendy vibe.. We honestly all go out, and wear these oversized shades, order daiquiris and just enjoy life.. My favorite Tasha’s is the one in Melrose Arch.. Because I LOVE Melrose Arch. There’s always a waiting list, the food is Ok, but the Vibe..LOL!

Tasha's Melrose

Tasha’s Melrose

The one in Rosebank is also a great one! The owner is very friendly, and once had a lengthy convo with us about the business and all..PLUS he is SEXY!! LOL!!

Tasha's Rosebank

Tasha’s Rosebank

I live for Melrose on Saturday afternoons into the evening.. it’s just beautiful man! Melrose is what we aspire to live in our everyday lives.. affluence, youth, exclusivity, a very sexy calm happiness.. Another spot I really enjoy is Grand Central.. I cannot be in at the Arch and not pop in for their Berry Mojito!! Addictive! PLUS they have cocktail takeaways !! LOL!!

Grand Central

Grand Central

I was so impressed! Johannesburg is so big, and I am so biased toward the North.. But 44 Stanley in Milpark has some of the best places. Some of the best sushi ever made is from Bliss Lounge.. There are a lot of easy eating places.

I’m definitely not a food review person, I’m a eater.. but I do hope you guys try some of these places.. they’re really awesome and definite treats.. I guess this was my top 7 Fav Food Spots.. but there are so many more!

So hit me up, book a date – and I will show you, the best Johannesburg and Pretoria have to offer! 😉