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Morning guys..

Been a while huh.. I actually don’t have the luxury of time or wifi anymore..LOL!! Right now I’m working on building Zama.. and it’s amazing how when you take control of one aspect of your life, everything else beckons the same respect.. I’m at a giddy excited full of love place in my life..I’m honest to God scared hey.. but I made a decision to try.. and I had this thought..g5ltxk1362997301

“Cast of all the limits you put on yourself and dare to dream for what you once thought was unattainable..You may think it’s easier to resign yourself to a non descript life of mid level ordinary, but the toll it’ll take on your soul, is more than you realise..”

In season 3 of girlfriends, after William breaks up with Monica the first time because she had calculated their meeting and relationship, she saw his potential and wanted to make sure he fulfilled it, she said this to him..

I’ve decided to apply it in every facet of my life.. Hope it can bring you the same intended motivation..

Yours in love..