My friends! My family!! It’s been FOREVER! Wow..

I really miss this blog! And it feels so good to just be back on.. ūüėČ I’ve been really preoccupied, trying to get dreams into action.. growing up is not easy.. success is not easy to attain!!
I’ve learnt a couple of things about myself over the last couple of months.. I am a chief¬†procrastinator..well I’ve always known that, and hid it under the guise that I excel under pressure.. but that doesn’t work when you’re tying to build something that is going to last.. it really is a marathon.. Another thing is that I do not work well in groups or duo’s, I get easily irritated and am very intolerant of criticism. I don’t as a rule criticize anyone, their choices or actions..*to their faces*, I mean that’s why I blog, so I can be the¬†judgmental¬†bitch from a distance! hahaha! I’m a Kleva-Black as our president would say! ūüėõ

Anyway, let me get back on track.. so today I read someones¬†Facebook¬†update, which suggested they were¬†practicing¬†unsafe sex.. now this person has had a steady partner for the last 3 years or so, they have a child and are very happy inlove.. and that’s all good and well, a blessing infact, but really? are we still having unprotected sex in this day and age? I don’t know hey.. guys do you ¬†understand that you cannot trust anyone? If women in marriages are being infected on the daily, how can you then just give it up to a boyfriend? No I’m not trying to lessen the value of relationships, but I’m saying – more than half those people are not even regular HIV testers.. It also worries me to a point of sadness, that we worry more about pregnancy than this disease, which is what infact got me riled up in the first place.

South Africans are not the most grateful people, we complain and moan about service and are such a lazy people. Now if you know me, you should know – I’m not at all Pro the ANC, infact – I loathe the party for it’s unwillingness to actually do admirable work and sort the people of this country out, instead of promoting corruption, my concern is that, the very same unemployed people, have soooo much to say about the free family planning service they receive thank you to working people who actually USE CONDOMS! Do you see how we’re being played though?

So there’s this lady who works in the same business park as I do, and we aren’t friends or anything, but I do see her quite often, and we have had a couple of conversations over the last 3 years, she’s 14 years older than me and so her life story is a lot more webbed than mine..
There’s something I don’t understand about women though, this lady has been in a relationship with a younger man for some time now, and when they met, he had just become unemployed.. he’s since found a blue collar job. Now she has a decent job, that pays well.. but she never has money.. infact – this guy gives her a daily allowance. Is that part of loving someone too? giving up what you work for, and submitting it and yourself to someone else?
Is that love really?

I guess my question is, why don’t we take care of ourselves, when we let other people come into our lives?¬†Maybe I haven’t come across as well as I wanted to in this post, but I’m still a bit rusty..

That’s one of many things on my mind.. LOL!!
I’ll definately be getting back into the swing of things! ūüėČ

Later kids..